11 Nov

Mila Krumbs & Lu Couture

Two sisters, who live quite far away from each other (9795.03 km to be precise – that’s 6086.51 in miles), had the idea one shady night (or day, depending which timezone you go for) to join their two passions – fashion and baking – into one sugarlicious, prêt-à-porter blog.

And so CoutureKrumbs was created. A blog about fashion tales and baking extravaganza.

Meet Lu Couture: the younger sister. Did an MA in Fashion Business in Paris, France. After two life-changing experiences – one in the world’s greatest fashion magazine and the other in a major Haute Couture house – she moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil where she now runs the marketing department for yet another globally famous designer… in other words – Lu Couture is all about “la mode”.

Meet Mila Krumbs: the older sister. Did a BA in Journalism in Southampton, England. Straight after graduating, landed a job in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at one of the world’s biggest media corporations. Nine years later, she still resides in the Netherlands, and heads the marketing department for – yes, you guessed it – one of the world’s biggest media corporations. All aside, what Mila Krumbs truly loves is marvelling her colleagues with the most delicious baked goods… so much so, they call her a Stepford Wife.

One Response to “COUTUREKRUMBS goes live!”

  1. Lisa Cupcake November 13, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    OMG, I can’t wait to see what’s next on this fab fab blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

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