Golden Rules for a Golden Bake

16 Nov

♥ Always read the entire recipe first before you start anything. You don’t want to find out half way through that you have to set something overnight or that you need to use a piece of equipment you don’t have

Baking Soda/powder and yeast

Sort your ingredients out first!

♥ Have everything measured/cut/grated, etc… and ready to use before you start mixing anything

vintage kitchen things

Invest in a good kitchen scale!

♥ Take your time. Do not rush. Baking is an art that needs to be done with a lot of care

♥ The measurements are there for a reason. Stick to them. (To make it even easier I include in all my recipes both US and European measurements, no need for a converter!)

♥ Do preheat your oven and wait until it’s fully heated before placing your bake of the day into it

♥ Happiness is homemade – share the happiness!



One Response to “Golden Rules for a Golden Bake”

  1. iT'S Me November 16, 2011 at 10:17 am #

    Take your time !!!..till midnight…xxx….fijne dag lieffie….xxx…

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