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28 Nov

…unless you want to know first hand what a heart attack feels like! Only Paula Deen could fry a cheesecake and add that ‘little’ bit more powdered sugar on top… watch it here:

Image of Paula DeenI would not let her anywhere near my kids!!!


How to Make Perfect Dulce de Leche

18 Nov

Before (Condensed Milk)

After (Dulce de Leche)

If you’ve never tried this amazing spread you are missing out. Big time. Fair enough, if you’re not living in South America you’re very unlikely to find Dulce de Leche in your local supermarket. And when you do find a speciality store that sells it, quite often it just doesn’t taste right. That has been my experience here in Holland anyway.

Pumpkin–Dulce de Leche Macarons

Pumpkin–Dulce de Leche Macarons

Chocolate Tartlets with Dulce de Leche and Mar...

Chocolate Tartlets with Dulce de Leche & Marshmallow

Dulce de Leche is a thick, caramel-like milk-based spread. Great for cakes, pancakes, bread or just about anything really. In certain parts of South America it’s called manjar. In Mexico and Nicaragua they call it cajeta. In Brazil it’s doce de leite.

So what do you do if you can’t get it anywhere? You make it yourself of course! And here’s how:

All you’re going to need is a can of condensed milk and a big pan full of water that covers the can. Now pay very close attention…

1) Take a can of condensed milk, unopened and remove all the packaging/label around it.

2) Place the can in the middle of a large pan.

3) Make sure you cover the can with boiling water (you can also let the water come to a boil in the pan). Let it simmer for at least 3 -4 hours. Now this is going to make a rattling noise – this is normal.

Two major rules:



Many people are scared of making their own Dulce de Leche because of fear the can will explode. All you need to do is put a timer on every 30 minutes to check on it and add boiling water if necessary and let it rest and completely cool down before you even dare open the can… if you follow those steps nothing can happen.

Come back to see how I’m going to use the condensed milk and the dulce de leche in two very delicious recipes… 😉

18 Nov

My own “Librairie de la Mode”

16 Nov

I love  bookstores. In São Paulo I spend hours at the “Livraria da Vila” bookstore and I wish I would never leave empty handed!

The fashion and cooking sections are by far my favorites! Recipe books always fill the eyes! As for Fashion books, each tells a story, a curiosity, a revelation, whether it’s about history, a designer, a brand, or stylings and tips. I’m slowly adding new books to my collection, taking the time to read the ones I have. Many of them were a gift from my sister, others bought during my studies and also in Paris. I went almost weekly to the “Libraire de la Mode”, at the 22 rue Pierre Lescot, and also to the bookstore from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, at 107 rue de Rivoli, both at the 1st arrondissement in Paris.

Amo livrarias. Em São paulo passo horas na Livraria da Vila e sempre tenho que me segurar para não sair de lá carregada de livros. 

As seções de moda e cozinha são as minhas preferidas! Livros de receita sempre enchem os olhos – além de dar água na boca! Já os livros de moda: cada um uma história, uma curiosidade, uma revelação. Impossível querer um só. Aos poucos vou aumentando meu acervo, muitos ganhei de presente da minha irmã, outros comprei durante a faculdade e em Paris. Se eu pudesse, teria voltado de Paris com uma mala cheia de livros. Lá passava quase semanalmente na “Librairie de la Mode”, na 22 rue Pierre Lescot, ou então na livraria do Musée des Arts Décoratifs, na 107 rue de Rivoli, ambas no 1ero arrondissement de Paris. 

Top 10 Fashion Books



The first two books titled “Fashion Design Handbook” and “Fashion Illustration: Accessories” have illustrations and sketches fun to look through and get inspired.

The “Fashion Game Book” was a birthday gift from my favorite french girls: Anais, Audrey and Margaux. I think it’s my coolest fashion book, with essentials of the greatest fashion brands.

The “My Wonderful World of Fashion” could only have been my sisters idea! She brought it for me from NY and it’s for those days you have nothing to do and feel like getting back to childhood! Fun, fun!

The last books are focused in Fashion Marketing. Marty Neumeier’s “Brand Gap” and “ZAG” are must-haves.

Os dois primeiros livros “Fashion Design Handbook” e “Fashion Illustration: Accessories” são recheados de croquis e ilustrações divertidas e inspiradoras.

O livro “Fashion Game Book” foi um presente de aniversário das minhas três francesas preferidas: Anais, Audrey e Margaux. É um livro super completo com informações sobre as marcas mais importantes e perguntas/respostas para testar os conhecimentos.

“My Wonderful World of Fashion” é uma daqueles livros que você só compra por ser tão irresitivelmente fofo! Provavelmente foi isso que levou a minha irmã a trazer ele pra mim de uma viagem a NY. Naqueles dias de preguiça e nada para fazer, é só pegar as canetinhas e lápis de colorir e voltar a ser criança! 

Os últimos livros são focados em Marketing de Moda. “Brand Gap” e “ZAG” do Marty Neumeier são leituras obrigatórias para quem se interessa por branding e imagem de marca. 


Golden Rules for a Golden Bake

16 Nov

♥ Always read the entire recipe first before you start anything. You don’t want to find out half way through that you have to set something overnight or that you need to use a piece of equipment you don’t have

Baking Soda/powder and yeast

Sort your ingredients out first!

♥ Have everything measured/cut/grated, etc… and ready to use before you start mixing anything

vintage kitchen things

Invest in a good kitchen scale!

♥ Take your time. Do not rush. Baking is an art that needs to be done with a lot of care

♥ The measurements are there for a reason. Stick to them. (To make it even easier I include in all my recipes both US and European measurements, no need for a converter!)

♥ Do preheat your oven and wait until it’s fully heated before placing your bake of the day into it

♥ Happiness is homemade – share the happiness!