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20 Nov

Vogue Shooting Day in France

Shooting set!

Being at a shooting set of Vogue Magazine is a quite unforgettable experience!  It was Haute Couture Week in Paris and this was the shooting day of the October 2010 issue cover, shot in July in the Camargue region of France. Just meeting the photographer, Peter Lindbergh, was already worth the trip and mosquito bites!

The cover star was Carey Mulligan, an English actress that has conquered Hollywood by starring in movies such as “An Education”, “Public Enemies” and “Pride & Prejudice”.

The whole Vogue team, including of course Grace Coddington, arrived at the set at about 9am, ready for a whole day of shooting. It was amazing to see the behind-the-scenes of those fashion editorials we always see in magazines.  The stress, the expectations, the surprises (one accessory is missing!), the hard work from everyone involved, and still, with lots of fun and laughter!!

Quando me chamaram para ir como Fashion Assistant ao shooting da capa de outubro de 2011 da Vogue Magazine eu quase pirei! As fotos aconteceram na região francesa de Camargue, em um dia de verão e muito calor! Quando me falaram que o fotógrafo seria Peter Lindbergh, eu tive certeza que a experiência seria inesquecível! 

A estrela da capa foi a atriz inglesa Carey Mulligan, que se destacou nas telinhas com os filmes “Educação”, “Inimigos Públicos” e “Orgulho & Preconceito”.

O time da Vogue, inclusive Grace Coddington, chegou no local as 9 da manhã, prontos para começar a jornada. Foi incrível ver como funcionam os bastidores dos editorias de moda que vemos nas revistas. O estresse, as expectativas, as surpresas (está faltando um acessório!), o trabalho dedicado de todos os envolvidos e ainda assim, com diversão e risadas garantidas!

Everything getting into place

Haute Couture dresses: Balenciaga, Nina Ricci, Valentino, Dior...!

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Peter Lindbergh

An honor!

The result / O resultado:

October 2010 issue cover!



Welcome to Porto Alegre!

19 Nov

Yesterday I had a business trip to Porto Alegre, my hometown! I flew off from São Paulo in the morning and went directly to the Shopping Mall Iguatemi in Porto Alegre.

It’s funny how unfamiliar the city still seems to me. I was born in Porto Alegre, but never lived there, and even though we spent many holidays there visiting the family, I feel like I don’t know anything about the city!

Since I would spend only one day/night in Porto Alegre and leave the following morning, I chose something comfortable to wear for the trip and during the day. I then went to the Hotel to get ready for the party at the shop.

Ontem tive uma viagem à trabalho para a minha cidade natal, Porto Alegre.

Apesar de ter passado muitas férias em família por lá, nas casas de tias e tios, convivendo com primos, viajando para o litoral gaúcho, toda vez que chego na cidade é como se chegassse em um lugar totalmente desconhecido. Pela primeira vez, o motivo da minha visita foi outro e eu fui pra cidade apenas à trabalho, para voltar no dia seguinte. Do aeroporto direto para o Shopping Iguatemi, escolhi viajar com uma roupa confortável para ficar até à noite, quando fui ao Hotel me arrumar para a festa na loja. 

Travel & Day outfit - and my tired face after a long day!

I wore my favorite black trousers from Zara, a blue striped shirt, black blazer, Shoestock flats and Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. I know my sister would wear high-heels no matter what, and she often goes away on business trips. But, as you might have noticed, I’m pretty basic and I love wearing flat shoes – even though Anna Wintour says “no no” to flats!

Vesti minha calça preta perfeita comprada na Zara em Amsterdam,  uma camisa azul listrada, blazer preto, sapatilhas e minha bolsa Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Ao contrário da minha irmã, que usa salto-alto até para dormir, eu sou beeem mais básica e clássica, e ainda prefiro a boa e confortavel sapatilha sempre que for possível deixar o salto de lado. 

Black Shoestock flats with pointed toe

There's always space for more!


How to Make Perfect Dulce de Leche

18 Nov

Before (Condensed Milk)

After (Dulce de Leche)

If you’ve never tried this amazing spread you are missing out. Big time. Fair enough, if you’re not living in South America you’re very unlikely to find Dulce de Leche in your local supermarket. And when you do find a speciality store that sells it, quite often it just doesn’t taste right. That has been my experience here in Holland anyway.

Pumpkin–Dulce de Leche Macarons

Pumpkin–Dulce de Leche Macarons

Chocolate Tartlets with Dulce de Leche and Mar...

Chocolate Tartlets with Dulce de Leche & Marshmallow

Dulce de Leche is a thick, caramel-like milk-based spread. Great for cakes, pancakes, bread or just about anything really. In certain parts of South America it’s called manjar. In Mexico and Nicaragua they call it cajeta. In Brazil it’s doce de leite.

So what do you do if you can’t get it anywhere? You make it yourself of course! And here’s how:

All you’re going to need is a can of condensed milk and a big pan full of water that covers the can. Now pay very close attention…

1) Take a can of condensed milk, unopened and remove all the packaging/label around it.

2) Place the can in the middle of a large pan.

3) Make sure you cover the can with boiling water (you can also let the water come to a boil in the pan). Let it simmer for at least 3 -4 hours. Now this is going to make a rattling noise – this is normal.

Two major rules:



Many people are scared of making their own Dulce de Leche because of fear the can will explode. All you need to do is put a timer on every 30 minutes to check on it and add boiling water if necessary and let it rest and completely cool down before you even dare open the can… if you follow those steps nothing can happen.

Come back to see how I’m going to use the condensed milk and the dulce de leche in two very delicious recipes… 😉

18 Nov

“Farasha’s Guilty Pleasure”

18 Nov

Magic Cookie Bars


Farasha means Butterfly in Arabic and is also the nickname of one of my dearest friends. Like a butterfly, she is very delicate, very beautiful – extremely attractive to the eye (any guy will agree and any girl will envy!). In other words, yes, she is a skinny bitch. So when you have her over and see her DEVOURING something sweet you know you hit the jackpot. That’s why this isn’t just any cookie bar… so watch out, try this and it will most certainly also become your guilty pleasure!


110g (½ cup) butter, melted | boter, gesmolten

125g (1 cup) graham cracker crumbs (any type of digestive cookie will do) | gewoon ‘digestive’ koekjes van Verkade

120g (1 cup) pecan nuts | pecan noten

170g (1 cup) semisweet chocolate chips | Smeltchocolade van de AH werkt prima!

100g (1 1/3 cups or 3 1/2 ounces) flaked coconut (you can also use grated) | geraspte kokos

1 can condensed milk | gecondenseerde melk bijvoorbeeld van Friesche Vlag

Yummy, condensed milk...


Preheat oven to 180°C (356°F). Use a 9×13 inch (22×33 cm) pan (shallow).

Pour melted butter and sprinkle crumbs evenly (easy way to make cookie crumbs if you don’t have a machine: place cookies inside a plastic bag and use the roller to roll over them until they become crumbs). Then pour condensed milk over crumbs, chopped pecan nuts over milk, then distribute the chocolate chip cookies on top of the nuts. Add the coconut and press into the dish.

Bake 25 minutes or until lightly brown. Cool 15 minutes before cutting into finger length bars. As tempting as it may be, do not take a bite before it has completely cooled down! That’s when all the flavours come together.

"Farasha" - "Butterfly"