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Home Shopping Experience

17 Dec

Hello there!

I’m finally getting in holidays mood! Everything is starting to get calm at work – what a relief.

One of the marketing projects for the brand I work for, is to do a sort of  “shopping delivery” experience. The other day I was doing some research and found a brazilian brand – that I had never heard about before – that had a similar idea (damn!).

When I found A.Niemeyer’s website, I couldn’t believe they would actually send me a bag full of clothes, just like that, delivered directly at my work place. Curiosity couldn’t keep me from trying it out, so I filled out the form with basic informations such as name, address, telephone, sizes, submitted the order form and thought “no way this is so easy”. The next day, I received at my office a huge shopping bag! Inside, besides clothes perfectly folded and tagged with their prices, a lookbook, an envelope and a letter explaining how to proceed in case I wanted to keep something. I had 24 hours to try everything on and the next day they would pick it up again. If I liked something,  I could keep the garment and just put a check inside the envelope. Voilà!

Beautiful linen shirts and tops, fluid dresses, shorts – everything beach and summer inspired!

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A great idea and very practical in our busy modern workaholic lives.

The Packaging! Dream Shopping Bag!

Delicately protected

My 24 hour clothes!

Lookbook to get inspired

Gift wrap just in case you want to buy something for a friend

I would have loved to keep everything, specially the white dress, but prices were out of this world. Well, I guess practicality isn’t cheap…



Welcome to Porto Alegre!

19 Nov

Yesterday I had a business trip to Porto Alegre, my hometown! I flew off from São Paulo in the morning and went directly to the Shopping Mall Iguatemi in Porto Alegre.

It’s funny how unfamiliar the city still seems to me. I was born in Porto Alegre, but never lived there, and even though we spent many holidays there visiting the family, I feel like I don’t know anything about the city!

Since I would spend only one day/night in Porto Alegre and leave the following morning, I chose something comfortable to wear for the trip and during the day. I then went to the Hotel to get ready for the party at the shop.

Ontem tive uma viagem à trabalho para a minha cidade natal, Porto Alegre.

Apesar de ter passado muitas férias em família por lá, nas casas de tias e tios, convivendo com primos, viajando para o litoral gaúcho, toda vez que chego na cidade é como se chegassse em um lugar totalmente desconhecido. Pela primeira vez, o motivo da minha visita foi outro e eu fui pra cidade apenas à trabalho, para voltar no dia seguinte. Do aeroporto direto para o Shopping Iguatemi, escolhi viajar com uma roupa confortável para ficar até à noite, quando fui ao Hotel me arrumar para a festa na loja. 

Travel & Day outfit - and my tired face after a long day!

I wore my favorite black trousers from Zara, a blue striped shirt, black blazer, Shoestock flats and Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag. I know my sister would wear high-heels no matter what, and she often goes away on business trips. But, as you might have noticed, I’m pretty basic and I love wearing flat shoes – even though Anna Wintour says “no no” to flats!

Vesti minha calça preta perfeita comprada na Zara em Amsterdam,  uma camisa azul listrada, blazer preto, sapatilhas e minha bolsa Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Ao contrário da minha irmã, que usa salto-alto até para dormir, eu sou beeem mais básica e clássica, e ainda prefiro a boa e confortavel sapatilha sempre que for possível deixar o salto de lado. 

Black Shoestock flats with pointed toe

There's always space for more!